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Thu 30 Jun 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Demonstration by Alan Read

Add to Calendar Thu 30 Jun 10:00 am Thu 30 Jun 1:00 pm Australia/Brisbane Demonstration by Alan Read Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall/span>

Clouds are a staple of landscape painting which can be a positive space within an artwork. Allan will demonstrate strategies used to create the feel of a transient sky. The design considerations when considering the sky as more than a background and techniques used to represent the everchanging movement of clouds.

About the Artist

I am predominantly a landscape painter but over the years my subjects have been aviation and military art which has now developed into a love of skyscapes. There is joy in painting an abundance of colours within clouds with reflecting light - it brings life to a painting. There is a feeling of oneness in that moment of time when we all briefly look up and share the same picturesque scene above us. I like to include subjects such as a bird, an aircraft or oceans waves to interacts with the sky. Reflecting on my topic choices, I think back to my childhood and living on air force bases, always looking out of the classroom windows into the sky, watching aircraft land or birds flying by. Like most, I struggle when comparing my works with those that are more skilled. Time has taught me the importance is in sharing the enjoyment of creating. A brush stroke here, flicker of light there! Allowing the viewer to see the successes and imperfections of each stroke. Success is sharing the process with the viewer within the finished product. Always interested in the arts, I started exhibiting in my twenties after serving in the Australian Army. This led to formal training in life drawing and a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and education. I developed my skills in a variety of areas included photography, sculpture and printing and I believe engaging in as many forms of art as I can to enhance my practice. I currently produce work using a variety of mediums and right now I have been focusing on my strength - oil on canvas. After teaching for twenty years, I returned to art for self-healing. This resurfaced my passion for creativity like never before. I am now more focused on the creative process, which I find is often more rewarding than the finish work. My wife Debbie and I have recently opened our own art studio, Read Art Academy in Oxenford. Using our knowledge in the arts and teaching, we help others tap into their creativity and personal healing journey. We love sharing our experience and skills whilst helping others discover and proceed on their artistic journey.

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