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March 2022

Well, 2022 has been quite the year already.

I have looked out from my home and instead of looking at my beloved blue ocean, I have stared into an incomprehensible sea of loss this month and once again been overwhelmed by the generosity that has emerged from the tragedy that has unfolded.

Yet here I am once again blown away by all of you. Our arts community sprang into action in multiple ways… donating artworks to raise funds, donating items and money to those most affected and replacing brushes for shovels and gumboots to join the Mud Army.

Once the tools and shovels and hoses have been put back in the shed, there is an event to attend, a movie to watch, a painting to do. These small pleasures are there, waiting for people to be able to enjoy again, when they are ready. This is how we go on. By remembering what’s worth doing despite the set backs and by coming together to support the community around us.

Hundreds of hours of unpaid volunteer work go into making The Doyles the success that it is today. Both myself and the entire team that drive this event know the value this award brings to our arts community and the importance of keeping it going for many years to come. It is our passion and we are driven by the collective success it brings to each and every one of you.

I am incredibly excited about this year’s award. We have had so much positive feedback about the new branding, offers of help from volunteers, artists wanting to demonstrate, and our team of organising volunteers have already been working tirelessly. If you are keen to join in and help you will be getting an email come through soon reaching out for volunteers, join us!

We have secured sponsorship from four amazing high profile businesses who are keen to provide the financial foundation for this art event – the longest running painting award on the Gold Coast. So we are very grateful for Attwood Marshall Solicitors, SkyRidge – a masterplanned community, Bond University and Left Bank Art Group.

We still have some Gold and Silver sponsorship packages available, so if you have a business and would like to participate, please contact me.

Our judges have been selected for 2022 – and they offer an enormously broad range of expertise with which to adjudicate the exhibition. From buying and selling art, to decorating with original art, to selecting colours and working with art materials, they’ve got it covered. We believe they will choose our winners well!

And entries are rolling in…

Our cut off date for entry is the 25th of May, and we anticipate the largest number of entries in the history of the award. Don’t forget if you have creative kids in your life to encourage them to enter an artwork in the Junior Doyles. It’s so important to bring in and support that next generation of artists.

Your support is always so much appreciated. If you see our posts on social media, please give us a thumbs up, say hello and share. It’s really hard work, with limited budget, to get exposure – so your assistance in this regard is invaluable.

We thank you all for your support and look forward to seeing you at The Doyles 2022.

Stay creative,
Gillian and The Doyles Team