Frequently Asked


To entering Artists - all details pertaining to the award are located in the artist information booklet. Please read this document prior to emailing questions to our team.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I enter the Award?

You can enter the award from 1 March 2024 by completing our entry form online. This form will be published (ie visible) on 1 March.

Can I enter my artwork after the entry close date?

Unfortunately, as per our terms and conditions, once the entry cut off date has passed, no artwork will be allowed to be submitted.

What is a finalist?

A finalist is an artwork that has been selected for judging. This means these selected artworks will be exhibited and judged as part of The Doyles Art Award. It is important to note that finalist selection is by ARTWORK not by Artist. So even though you may have submitted two artworks, it is possible that only one of them has been selected as a finalist. You will not need to drop off the unselected artwork for the exhibition.

How will I be informed if I am a finalist?

A list of finalists will be published on our website. An email will be sent to ALL entrants with an attached finalist list. If your Artwork does not appear on the finalist list, it has unfortunately been unsuccessful.

If I am not a finalist, can I have my entry fee refunded?

No, as per our terms and conditions, entry fees are non refundable.

If I have included the return freight option in my entry, and I am not a finalist, will this be refunded?

Yes. This will be refunded prior to 14 days after exhibition close date.

If my work is not a finalist, should I still deliver it on drop off day?

No. Only finalist selections are hung and exhibited.

Can I change the title or price of my entry after I have entered it?

No. All entries are final and no changes will be admitted. You can withdraw your entry if required, but the entry fee is non refundable.

Do I measure to the outside of the frame when submitting dimensions?

Yes. We need dimensions from outside edge to outside edge of your artwork. These dimensions are used to calculate freight on our online gallery. Variations in these measurements mean incorrect freight calculations. If your artwork is particularly heavy (ie more than 5kg), please send us an email with its weight.

About Diptychs

A diptych is an artwork made up of two pieces. Please note that diptychs will be treated as two separate artworks. As a result, one may be a finalist and the other may not. If you would like to enter the diptych as one entry, it needs to be presented as one joined artwork and it needs to be within our size specifications in total. Our hanging curator can not guarantee both artworks will be hung together unless they are securely joined.

What is the "All Ability" category?

This category is open to artists who identify as having a disability. Due to the complexity of judging the capabilities and entries from all ability artists, this category is NOT judged nor does it have any prize money attributed to it. It is designed to showcase the talents and unique perspectives of this sector of our community. The artworks in the category are available for sale as per the other categories.

If I have a disability, am I forced to enter the All Ability category?

No. This is up to you. If you would like to enter the other categories (Landscape, Still Life etc), you are welcome to do so and will be judged as per all the other artists entering that same category.

If my work is part figurative, part landscape, which category do I put it in?

Ultimately this is up to you. However we would suggest looking at what the predominant focus is. eg; A vase on a windowsill is predominant subject matter then Still Life would be appropriate even though there is landscape showing through the window.



When do I drop off / pick up my artwork?

Drop off dates are noted on our website, on your entry receipt, on Facebook... pretty much everywhere we can put it. Please don't email asking for these dates unless you really need to. Our team get very busy and their volunteer time is valuable.

Is there disabled access and parking?

The Mudgeeraba township and the Mudgeeraba Memorial Hall are part of an old historic area of the Gold Coast. As such, it has limited disabled parking directly outside the hall. Currently there are two allocated disabled parking spots outside the hall.

The hall is accessible via a ramp. The exhibition is predominantly displayed on one level however some artwork is hung in the stage area. This stage area is currently inaccessible to wheelchairs and can only be accessed via stairs. (We are looking into addressing this in 2024.)

Is there an entry fee to view the exhibition?

The exhibition is free to view. Thank you to our sponsors who support the arts, allowing the community to enjoy a few hours of wonderful art admiration AT NO COST. A donation box is located at the front desk if you wish to show your support and appreciation. As a non profit organisation, all proceeds go into delivering the award in subsequent years.

What are the exhibition opening times?

10am-5pm daily during the exhibition timeframe.



Do artists get advised if their painting has sold?

Yes. We will publish the sale on our Facebook page and we will send you an email prior to pickup day to make sure you don't come to collect artwork unnecessarily. As our team get extremely busy during the exhibition period, we cannot guarantee you will be advised as soon as your artwork sells.

Is Junior Artwork for sale?

Juniors will have the OPTION to sell their work.

Can The Doyles appraise artworks or prints created by d'Arcy Doyle?

No. We do not act as advisories or agents for d'Arcy Doyle paintings.